Legwear have by now become the Key Accessory of many looks

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If you want to follow this trend and add an extra touch to every one of your outfits, you should check out Calzedonia.

It offers a wide variety of women’s hosiery that varies depending on the style, fabric, color and pattern. Have fun selecting the socks best for you on all occasions from our full range of socks.

Long Socks

Long socks in Cotton with Cashmere

If you are looking for women’s long socks that are able to warm you up during the winter months without saying no to a fashionable look, Calzedonia’s wide range is just right for you. The socks are made from a special quality yarns guarantee comfort for every period of the year: in cotton, sheer and in microfiber for a simple style in all seasons; cashmere and wool for the colder months. The opaque and comfortable fabric will ensure you protection and comfort at the same time.
The knee-his are made with materials renowned for their comfort and quality, and they perfectly complete all of your looks and make your days more delightful. These cotton knee-his are stylish all year long and are suitable for different everyday occasions. It will be impossible to not find what you need!

Socks for all types of performance: while doing sports and at home!

Sports Socks

What’s your favorite sport? Do you like challenging your friends to long games of tennis or prefer a nice jog in the park? Either way, don’t miss Calzedonia’s fitness socks collection: the best designs are waiting for you and are sure to take care of your feet while exercising. Choose from the many ergonomic unisex styles which are made from natural and breathable materials and designed to make you feel at ease with unparalleled comfort. These sports socks are designed to provide a gradual compression in stress points and padding spread over specific areas. The fabric close to the heel and toe is reinforced for greater comfort, strength and durability. Additionally, the elasticated hem ensures an ideal fit to the foot, while avoiding the hassle of the sock falling below the heel. For those seeking a dynamic look even in your free time, opt for a pair of short sports socks rising just above the ankle, paired with white or colored sneakers. For a workout in the gym, choose gym socks with antibacterial treatment made from a quick dry yarn for maximum comfort. Your fitness activities will become pure pleasure whichever Calzedonia sport sock you choose! Don’t miss out on the Calzedonia collection of fitness hosiery with their ergonomic design and graduated compression providing absolute comfort during sports activities.

Non Slip Socks

Calzedonia also thought about your moments of relaxation at home with our line of non-slip hosiery made with soft and breathable materials. They guarantee extreme comfort at home and at the gym for yoga and pilates. It’s really easy to fall in love with Calzedonia ‘s slipper socks. They are one of those items you’ll never want to take off once they embrace your feet. The softness and the comfort they provide make them a perfect item to wear around the house. And thanks to the rubber added to the sole, you will feel safe to walk on any surface. You will also appreciate various house shoes which make a perfect gift for your loved ones. But non-slip socks are not intended just for running around the house. Due to their firm grip on the surface, reinforced heel and toe, they have been recognized as an ideal item for a workout in the gym, yoga class or Pilates. And since they are produced from breathable materials which dry quickly, you will find our sport non-slip socks as an excellent companion in sports activities.

Short Socks, No-Show Socks and Invisible Socks

Colorful Patterned Ankle Socks

The women’s short socks are one of our collections with the biggest assortment. It will be impossible not to find what you need between all the different colors, patterns, styles and fabrics suitable for all seasons and occasions. If you instead want to conceal your socks inside your sneakers or summer shoes, the Calzedonia no-show and invisible socks are the ideal choice to protect your feet and let them breathe during the warmer months.
And with every season, their numbers and styles increase. You can always be sure you will find basic short socks in the trendiest colors. Produced from quality yarns, they will bring comfort to your feet and make you enjoy each second wearing them. Even though they are short, they can still protect you during the winter: cashmere, wool and thermal short socks are made with intention to bring warmth to your step. If you are aiming for a fashion statement, explore the patterned short socks collection. Choose among socks with different appliquéd details that will make an ideal combination with your leggings or the ones with bows to make them speak for themselves.

One thing is sure – once you start discovering them, you’ll never want to stop shopping!

Choose the legwear with the trendiest patterns and colors

Romantic Love Ankle Socks

There is only one place where you can find women’s hosiery with the trendiest patterns and colors for every season: Calzedonia. Our range grows continuously with new styles and patterns in order to ensure you unique combinations and latest fashion looks. Choose from countless original colors for a casual style or have fun with geometric, polka dot and glitter patterns for an ever more fashionable look!

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