These Finnish Stone disks bring tired eyes instant relief

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Made from Finnish bedrock that is more than two billion years old, these stone disks bring tired peepers relief from long hours at the computer, puffiness after a long night, or itchiness due to seasonal allergies. Chill them in the refrigerator and apply on or under your eyes for a rock-solid spa treatment at home. Made in Finland.

The stones are actually from Finland, one of the quarry capitals of the world. The bedrock used for these therapeutic marvels is soapstone, which comes from the Finnish schist zone and is an ages old metamorphic rock. It is rich in magnesium and talc, which is why it is soft enough to shape, and Finnish soapstone is known for its heat retention properties – about 2.5 times as much energy as a traditional,” porous stones!

You can use the Orbit Eye Stones while wearing soft contact lenses. Yes! These stones have a little weight to them that gently massages the area around your eyes, but the hole in the center will leave your lenses untouched.

If you would like to know how long do you leave them on the eyes. That is up to you! Do you need a 10 minute pick me up or a hour meditation? The choice is yours.

These are great for reducing puffiness after a long night!

Cleaning them is super easy. These can be washed with normal household detergents.

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