Supreme’s Latest Drop Is an Ode to 1997 Experimental American Film ‘Gummo’

Supreme has unveiled its upcoming collection dedicated to an experimental 1997 American film titled Gummo. 

The movie, which marked then-23-year-old Harmony Korine’s directorial debut, is set in present-day Xenia, Ohio but was shot in Korine’s hometown, Nashville. According to the New York label, Korine wanted to create a film that “felt true to his experiences growing up in Tennessee” due to his frustration with the “romanticized depictions of contemporary American life.”

“It’s like looking at a book of private photos. There’s a picture of you in front of a castle or maybe a monument,” Korine described his approach to the project. “And next to that is a picture of your grandfather on the toilet. And next to that is a picture you took of Michael Jackson. If you looked at them on their own without knowing the context, then they would seem singular or random. But just because one is next to the other, a kind of narrative comes through. That goes along with Gummo. That’s how Gummo was written.”

The brand’s range spotlights visuals from Gummo and Korine’s original artwork printed onto a Coaches Jacket, Football Top, Hooded Sweatshirt, two T-Shirts and two Skateboards. All pieces come in vibrant hues and neutral shades perfect for the Spring/Summer 2022 season.

The Gummo collection will be available on Supreme’s website and stores on April 28. The label’s Japan branches will receive a later release on April 30.

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