‘Single’s Inferno’ to Return for Season 2

South Korean reality dating show Single’s Inferno is officially making its way back to Netflix for its second season.

Described as “the hottest inferno” in the 41-second teaser, the upcoming season will be “sexier” than the previous one. Fans can expect a new group of singles finding love in the middle of paradise while, of course, stirring up drama.

Season 1 earned a spot in the streaming giant’s Global Top 10 list earlier this year. However, it did receive backlash for statements the male contestants made on the show regarding skin color. “I like [Shin] Ji-yeon. Her skin is so light,” Moon Se-hoon shared with his co-stars. “She seemed so white and pure. That’s my first impression of her,” he added. Choi Si-hun made a similar comment: “I like people who have light skin.”

“In the cultural aspect, there are things that are acceptable in Korea but not in other countries. So yes, there are countless cases of this concern,” Kang Dong-han, Netflix Korea’s VP of Korean content, stated at an online event. “We realized the studies on humanities were necessary. And it is very important and we are considering with most seriousness. There are instances when we do our own translation, subtitles, dubbing, and more, but there are cases when we hire a third-party company.”

Stay tuned as we wait for the official trailer and release date of Single’s Inferno Season 2.

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