Our Favorite Beauty Products of April 2022

Between game-changing skincare treatments and exciting new makeup launches, at Hypebae, our editors test out many products every month to find and share our latest beauty favorites with you. Spring is in full effect, and we’re putting on more makeup, which means more bronzer palettes and more setting powders as the weather gets warmer. The skin underneath the makeup and hydration is still key. We’ve got you covered with a lightweight moisturizer cream to keep your skin’s thirst quenched.

Keep reading for the products that have earned a spot in our beauty cabinet this April. While you are here, read about the four hair trends to try this summer.

ONE/SIZE Made for Shade Bronze & Sculpt Trio Palette

I’ve always been intimidated with the idea of contouring. While it looks gorgeous on others, I never really had the desire to try it out for myself. However, when the TikTok contour filter went viral last month, I finally decided to try the technique out. “No full beat is complete without a masterpiece sculpt,” says Patrick Starrr, and following his advice, I tried out ONE/SIZE’s Made for Shade Bronze & Sculpt Trio Palette. Being new to the game of contouring, I went for a low impact bronze look. I typically apply “Shade” to my cheekbones and “Bronze” over it for an even blend. I finish the look with “Sculpt” on my upper cheekbones, nose and forehead. Overall, after testing out this technique, I think it’s safe to say I’ll be doing it on a daily basis. – Pauline De Leon, Editor

Ami Colé Skin Melt Loose Powder

I am a big fan of setting powders, and Ami Colé hit the nail on the head with the Skin Melt Loose Powder launch. As the name suggests, it melts beautifully into my skin with no dryness or cakiness. I have very oily skin, so a brush of this powder in my trouble areas is just what the doctor prescribed. –Stixx M, Beauty Editor

Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream EX

Now repackaged in a more minimalist design backed by Sydney Sweeney, Laneige’s Water Bank moisturizer is one of the most lightweight formulas I’ll always go back to. Especially with Hong Kong’s weather quickly transitioning into hot, humid summer weather, this product is just what I need to lock in hydration while avoiding stickiness or heavy oils. – YeEun Kim, Editor

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