Nicole McLaughlin Wants to Clean Out Your Junk Drawer

Have you ever bought a baguette and thought, “this would make the perfect beanie”? Nicole McLaughlin certainly has. The Brooklyn-based artist and designer began her career by taking items across all disciplines, regardless of wearability, and turning them into covetable fashion items. Think: Puma gloves sewn into a motocross jacket, a croissant bra (a “brassant,” as she calls it), Carhartt beanies as shorts. The basis of all her work stems from sustainability and upcycling practices, taking what already exists and morphing it into something practical, ecological, and whimsical in one fell swoop. In honor of Earth Month, McLaughlin has partnered with eBay to create four new specialty pieces that will be auctioned off every Monday in April, starting with the reworked Salomon shoes below.

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