Machine Gun Kelly Is Surprised by People’s Reactions While Going Undercover as a Reporter

During a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Machine Gun Kelly went undercover as a reporter and asked random people on Hollywood Blvd for their opinion on a number of pop culture-related things, including him — the musician version of himself, that is.

“What do you think of Machine Gun Kelly?” the singer, who is mostly unrecognizable, asked a woman. “Uh, not a huge fan,” she said. “I think his new direction is a little forced.” When later asked to describe MGK in three words, she said, “wannabe emo” and “blonde.” Then, things got a little awkward. Before she could finish, a person walking by in a Spider-Man costume pointed out that she was talking to Machine Gun Kelly himself. “That’s him,” he said.

Someone else ended up recognizing the pop-punk singer, too. In fact, one person revealed he was the fan who had “jumped off the roof in Venice” during a past show. “Oh my god! You’re him?” MGK responded, immediately remembering his fan. “You won MVP of that whole show.”

Meanwhile, other people only had nice things to say about the former rapper. Towards the end of the segment, MGK was pleasantly surprised by people’s reactions. “I came out here expecting a lot of hate, but it was a lot of love,” he said. “So f–k you, internet.”

Watch the full video of MGK as an undercover reporter above.

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