Louis Vuitton’s New City of Stars Fragrance Captures Los Angeles’s Unpredictability

The final day of my recent trip to Los Angeles was reserved for a stroll around Venice Beach. A sweaty surfer dude with long, flowing golden locks skated in circles as my nose began tingling with the aromas of the popular strip. The initial notes were provided by the strong incense candles being sold by a Black lady who sat with a microphone in her hand beside an older white man on a skateboard who held up a placard that read simply, “Pot?” As I continued to walk, the smells of sunscreen from beachgoers, perspiration from males working out at Muscle Beach, and urine saturated the air, each vying for its own primetime position (take a wild guess which scent won). City of Stars, Louis Vuitton’s newest addition to their west coast-inspired scents, is the French luxury house’s attempt to capture the vibrant essence of Los Angeles—sans the pungent aroma mix.

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