Jones Road Beauty Blends Skin Tint With Foundation Releasing ”WTF” Moisture Tint

Jones Road Beauty, the new beauty brand created by iconic makeup artist Bobbi Brown has just released its new, all-over-color product – What The Foundation Moisture tint.

“WTF” is a tinted moisturizer in balm form that meets traditional foundation. Designed to blend seamlessly into your skin, leaving you with a fresh, even, and hydrated complexion, you will be left with the “your skin but better” look throughout your wear. Formulated with ingredients such as jojoba oil and vitamin E, you’ll be able to attain breathable coverage while still having components working for your skin, with its properties strengthen the skin barrier and protect against environmental impact.

“WTF” features 12 shades from “Porcelain,” the fairest shade, to “Espresso,” the deepest shade in the line. Designed to blend across all skin tones and skin types, Bobbi’s pro tip for using the product is: “Some people may need two shades of “WTF.” One for summer months, one for winter months, or a mix of both for the times in between.”

What The Foundation is now available on Jones Road Beauty website for $44 USD.

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