Jellytime Is Creating a Safe Space for Sex and Pleasure in the Philippines

Conversations about sex and pleasure are still taboo in some communities, especially in Asia. However, today’s generation has been slowly creating safe spaces for the aforementioned topics, bridging the gap between individuals who stick to traditional customs and those who have embraced modern times.

Jellytime, a sexual wellness brand founded by Sunnies Face‘s Martine Ho, RecessIsabelle Daza and her sister, Ava Daza, recently made its debut in the Philippines. While some may have preconceived notions of sex, the brand aims to change the landscape of conversation surrounding pleasure. “We are advocates of education, open communication, consent and inclusivity. Because everybody and every body deserves pleasure,” the founders state.

For its inaugural launch, Jellytime has released its very own hypoallergenic, water-based lubricant. Made of plant-derived ingredients including aloe and hyaluronic acid, the lube provides an extra boost to the body’s natural moisture. The product has also been formulated for sensitive skin and is safe to use with sex toys or condoms.

Below, we chat with one of the founders, Isabelle Daza, who expands on the making of Jellytime and its future plans. Read on for our full conversation.

First off, congratulations on the launch of your new brand! Tell us, what prompted you and the other co-founders to create Jellytime?

My sister Ava introduced me to lube. I was really hesitant at first and I didn’t even know how to use it. Then I became a lube convert, but with everything on the market, I kept looking for something that was “clean.” That’s how the idea started.

I don’t think I’ve personally come across a local sexual wellness brand in the Philippines before, which is very interesting. For those who aren’t too familiar, can you share what the sexual wellness market is like there and how it’s developed over the years?

The fact that you haven’t come across any sexual wellness brands in the Philippines says it all. There are very few present in the market and even those brands themselves don’t advertise too much. Jellytime is more sex-positive and an advocate of safe and consensual sex. We also empower people to explore their bodies and maximize pleasure. We want to remove the shame in talking about sex and anything to do with sexual wellness.

The topic of sex is still taboo in some communities, especially in Asia. Did you consider the possibility of the brand being stigmatized by the public?

Definitely. One of the first steps we did was to talk openly about sex in our podcast, The Sexytime Podcast. Everyone thought it was such a bold move to do and even some people would cringe at the thought. But now, it’s part of the top three podcasts in the Philippines, so people are definitely interested! Also, we get so many questions. But even at that, we have a few friends, even though they’re married they are too shy to post about Jellytime. They always tell us they are conservative or what will their parents think. If we look at “sexual health” under the umbrella of education, would we still be as ashamed to talk about it?

How do you think Jellytime can help bridge the gap between individuals who stick to traditional customs and individuals who have embraced modern times?

I think Jellytime solves the problem of people who don’t want to admit they are in pain while having sex.

What else do you plan on launching in the future for Jellytime?

Well, I’m sure you can guess it already… a full range of sexual wellness products.

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