Has Your Digital Consent Been Violated When Online Dating?

The internet has made dating much easier. But, like with all good things, there’s room for unsatisfactory results, especially within the dating world. Thankfully, Match Group, the creators behind top dating apps such as Tinder and OkCupid, have created a foolproof guide for respecting and giving consent while interacting with potential partners.

For people who identify as women or present themselves as feminine, there are many reasons to get informed about digital consent. It’s common to be unsure about what constitutes as a violation of consent — especially in cultures where the “boys will be boys” trope excuses all. Regardless of how you identify, it’s good practice to stay educated so that you can make sure you’re interacting with other online daters respectfully.

Read on for everything you should know about digital consent when dating or engaging sexually online.

1. Rejection is a natural part of the dating process. Accept both sexual and romantic rejection with grace and remember that everyone has the right to decline an offer, no matter how amazing you are.

2. Never attempt to geo-locate or find someone’s social media after they rejected you.

3. Consenting to a digital sexual connection doesn’t necessarily equate to securing consent in real-life. Consent is not permanent. Each time you engage with someone, you need to ask for consent.

4. Unsolicited nudes are illegal and never okay. If you receive them, an instant block and report are completely justified.

5. Allowing others to view nude photos or sexually explicit conversations you’ve had with others is a violation of consent, as well.

6. Uninvited sexual comments are not compliments, so if you’re feeling uncomfortable — you’re not wrong.

7. A person having a profile on a dating platform is not them seeking a sexual invitation. You can share photos that embrace your sex appeal and not want sexual advances simultaneously. Anyone that tries to make you feel bad for that, can be rightfully blocked and reported.

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