Byredo Introduces “Vanille Antique,” an Extension of the “Night Veils” Collection

Byredo is back with another continuation of its enthralling fragrances: “Vanille Antique,” the latest release in the “Night Veils: Le Rituel de la Nuit” quintet. The new scent joins “Casablanca Lily,” “Reine de Nuit,” “Sellier” and “Tobacco Mandarinas” as part of the brand’s singular series of Extraits de Parfum.

“I think there is something about night-time, it’s a different world of possibilities; a different version of who you are, a nocturnal sense of duality. From evening blooms to animals, there is an entire part of nature that lives at night — how can we be removed from that? I know I have a completely different mind-set at nightfall; it’s very distinctive emotionally,” founder Ben Gorham said in a press release. He added: “It is almost the start of another life and I wanted to do something to mark the beginning of the evening, a new night-time ritual that would sound a gong for when this twilight life begins.” Derived from the French word for “Antique Vanilla,” the scent is designed to leave an intoxicating aroma with top notes of black plum and freesia, and a base of vanilla beans and cistus oil.

“Vanille Antique” retails for $330 USD and can be purchased directly on Byredo’s website.

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